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What is Animal Chiropractic Care?

The chiropractic assessment is similar to any medical evaluation and begins with an observation of your pet’s over-all build or structure, posture, signs of lameness or discomfort along with a thorough history. Each vertebra within the spine is evaluated to identify changes in muscle texture and resistance to pressure. The motion within the spine is evaluated to detect whether movement is normal, restricted or hypermobile. A neurological and orthopedic examination is also performed. When the spine is not functioning properly in one area, stress will be placed on another area of the body as a result.

The goal of chiropractic treatment is to regain normal joint motion, stimulate normal nerve reflexes, and to reduce pain and muscle tension. The chiropractic treatment or adjustment involves a controlled force applied to a specific region or structure. The majority of pets do not seem to react at all during an adjustment. Following an adjustment a pet will often shake their body (like a wet dog does) as if to ex-press that the entire spine is now moving well.

The result is a patient with increased range of motion and improved mobility along with a reduction in pain. For some patients, chiropractic treatment may allow a reduction in dose of their prescribed pain medications.

 Dr Boudreau performing a chiropractic adjustment on a canine patientSome signs your dog or cat may benefit from chiropractic care

  •  Arthritis
  •  “Puppy” sitting
  •  Abnormal posture
  •  Difficulty with stairs or reluctance to jump into the car, onto the bed
  •  Sensitive when touched
  •  Changes in gait-limping, favours a paw, stumbles
  •  Urinary or fecal incontinence -accidents in house, bedwetting
  •  Lick granulomas-skin lesions
  •  Stiffness on rising
  •  Diagnosis of cruciate injury or hip dysplasia
  •  Unable to do activities they used to enjoy