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  • Photo of Japanese Chin

    Chins are gentle dogs that need and want lots of togetherness. They do well with other dogs as playmates. Although loving and eager to please, they're curious and into things, conducting their own research. Chins cannot be ignored – they won't let you, tailing owners like a canine private eye. They're sweet and loving with the elderly and infirm, making great lap warmers and therapy dogs.

  • Photo of Keeshond

    This breed is known for his gentle, affectionate, friendly disposition. Unlike many breeds, Keeshonden (the plural for this breed) aren't one-person dogs; they are equally devoted to all family members, and can be equally effusive in greeting friends of the family. True to their roots, they also will sound the alarm if a stranger dares to approach family territory.

  • Photo of Kerry Blue Terrier

    Fiercely loyal, surprisingly comical, full of energy, and brimming with affection for his friends, the Kerry Blue is a classic terrier type. Kerries are sturdy enough to play with responsible kids, big enough to intimidate burglars, energetic enough to be a good exercise buddy, vocal enough to play watchdog, and companionable enough to share your life.

  • Photo of Komondor

    Few breeds can elicit the double-takes that this walking mound of white dreadlocks inspires, but the mystique of the Komondor is far more than fur-deep. This is a tough character, ready to serve and protect, but not necessarily in that order.

  • Photo of Kuvasz

    Who says you cannot be a giant, intimidating guardian dog, and also pretty? The Kuvasz says so, and who is going to argue? This pretty white dog with the sweet face and tough nature makes an effective flock guardian and also a protective companion. The question is, can you handle her?

  • Photo of Labrador Retriever

    The Lab is the number one dog in popularity for a reason. The sweet, faithful lab will play fetch and entertain kids until the last one is worn out and then bring the ball to you. And for someone who wants a companion on hikes or romps in the park, one needs look no further. As long as people do not mind dog hair on the sofa, the good black dress and in the coffee, a Lab is easy care.

  • Photo of Lakeland Terrier

    Brimming with charm, an infectious zest for life, and energy most people can only sit back and envy, the Lakeland Terrier makes a great family pet, keeping everybody entertained with his curiosity and the many adventures he manufactures for himself.

  • Photo of Leonberger

    Gentle, calm and friendly, these good-natured watchers make excellent family dogs. They are affectionate and incredibly patient with children, love to be included in family activities, and will wait patiently if you stop to talk on an outing. They are calm indoors and their affectionate personality makes them excellent therapy dogs.

  • Photo of Lhasa Apso

    These not-so-fragile small dogs are even-tempered and adapt well to most human environments, especially city life. They do not yap at any noise or movement they hear or see, and are not nervous dogs. Despite the glamorous look of their well-groomed coats, they often display clown-like behavior with a delightful and entertaining desire to play.

  • Photo of Lowchen

    This cheerful dog has become a hit with folks who want a merry companion to accompany them on short and long jaunts. With their unique appearance and chipper personality, they always draw attention.