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  • Photo of Puli

    A barking mop on springs, the Puli is a perky and personable dog that gets lots of second looks for his Rastafarian locks.

  • Photo of Pyrenean Shepherd

    A herder through and through, the Pyr Shep is an energetic dog that needs a job. They become very attached to their owners, with a keen sense of their mood.

  • Photo of Rat Terrier

    Observant, devoted, and lively, Ratties make great companions and family dogs. They love to play, but they want to be with you, so they suit families who want a friend and playmate.

  • Photo of Redbone Coonhound

    While hunting is still his first love, the Redbone Coonhound is a laid back hound generally content to lounge around the house and yard.

  • Photo of Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Despite the fact that early breeders developed the dog as a formidable hunter and defender of property, Rhodesian lovers stay with the breed because he is also a fine companion animal, intelligent, playful and affectionate.

  • Photo of Rottweiler

    The Rottweiler is protective, but well-bred representatives are loving companions with a noble head, swaggering gait and the general air of a champion.

  • Photo of Russell Terrier

    Confident, fearless, and incredibly devoted, Russells have become a very popular companion. They love to chase, explore and dig, and need outlets for these natural behaviors.

  • Photo of Saint Bernard

    Calm and placid, the Saint Bernard does not take up as much room in a house or apartment as a much smaller but more active dog.

  • A true canine athlete, the Saluki needs a place to run safely every day, with fencing at least five feet high, since they are terrific jumpers and can easily escape. Clean and catlike, the breed fastidiously licks his paws – a habit that endears him to people who keep a spotless home – and is known for his independence.

  • Photo of Samoyed

    The Samoyed's smile reflects his gentle, congenial nature. Like his forebears, this dog wants and expects to be considered a full member of his human family.