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  • Photo of Smooth Fox Terrier

    The Smooth Fox Terrier loves to play, and he's always up for a good game of fetch (although he might not bring the ball back), tug-of-war (he doesn't like to lose), or just lots of running around, hiking, exploring, sniffing, and barking.

  • Photo of Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

    The Wheaten's terrier alertness is tempered by the steady temperament of a dog who is used to helping out around the farm. These dogs love their people and their people's friends, and like to demonstrate their love by jumping up on all concerned.

  • Photo of Spanish Water Dog

    Spanish Water Dogs are very active and have strong herding and guarding instincts – they are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate, making them excellent guardians. They tend to be “Velcro dogs” – while they accept the whole family, they tend to attach to one person in particular.

  • Photo of Spinone Italiano

    The Spinone Italiano is a superb companion for the hunter or outdoorsman. These dogs follow directions, stay within close range, and willingly plow through heavy brush and dive into ponds. When not hunting, a Spinone Italiano will join you on a hike, let a toddler snuggle next to her, or play tag with the kids.

  • Photo of Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    The Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves his family with a passion, especially the juvenile members - this breed's devotion to children is legendary.

  • Photo of Standard Schnauzer

    What makes the Standard Schnauzer so compelling? Maybe it is the distinctive beard and mustache supporting the long muzzle that captures our attention, or those eyes that seem to be scrutinizing with an insatiable curiosity and perhaps even skepticism.

  • Photo of Sussex Spaniel

    At first glance he may look like a short-legged Cocker Spaniel, and it is true, the Sussex Spaniel is one of the more unusual spaniel breeds. He is also one of the rarest of all AKC breeds, perhaps because he tends to be, shall we say... talkative, especially if left out of the fun. Otherwise, this mild-mannered spaniel makes a great pal and an easygoing, often overlooked family pet.

  • Photo of Swedish Vallhund

    The Swedish Vallhund is an alert, active, playful dog, always ready to join in whatever adventure you have in mind. He's devoted to family, especially good with children, and friendly to strangers.

  • Photo of Tibetan Mastiff

    The Tibetan Mastiff has been a guardian for centuries, and she remains territorial, independent, and strong willed. While devoted and gentle to her family, her sheer size can topple a youngster.

  • Photo of Tibetan Spaniel

    The Tibetan Spaniel is a lovely dog, both charming and fascinating. The Tibetan Spaniel has the intriguing quality of being a quiet dog - until, that is, he discovers someone with whom he's not familiar. This small breed's beauty lies in his full-size confidence.