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  • The Samoyed's smile reflects his gentle, congenial nature. Like his forebears, this dog wants and expects to be considered a full member of his human family.

  • On first sight of the Schipperke, the dog appears to be a cloud of black down, fluffed up and unbelievably animated. If you could actually transform peppery energy into something material that you could touch, it would take the form of this elegant canine creature.

  • Among the most noble and elegant of breeds, the Scottish Deerhound looks most at home lounging in a Scottish castle. But while he does need room to stretch out, both inside and out, his quiet demeanor enables him to make even modest homes his castle.

  • Forget that pink bunny that runs on batteries - the Scottish Terrier has had the nickname "little diehard" since the 19th century. Small but incredibly solid, the Scottie is built like a shaggy black brick and this little ruffian wants to move, explore, chase things, and generally stay active and useful.

  • At first glance you might think she is a Scotty of a different color, but the Sealyham Terrier, or Sealy to her friends, comes from different stock and is very much her own dog. At one time a popular breed, she is now among the least known dogs. Yet she still retains her unique charm: a calm terrier, but nevertheless a terrier through and through.

  • Children and Shelties often go well together. Both like to run around and make lots of noise. Don't be surprised, though, if you find your Sheltie attempting to herd your children into a tight little circle. When tapping into his heritage, the Sheltie does not distinguish between a herd of sheep and a herd of kids.

  • The dignified, independent Shiba Inu may seem more like a cat than a dog - particularly to those whom he does not know. However, those who are privileged to be part of the pack know that this ancient Japanese breed bonds strongly to his human family - and can be surprisingly fun-loving.

  • The Shih Tzu is among the world's most loving, attentive, affectionate, sweet, and mild-mannered breeds. Content to sit on your lap, in your handbag, or at your feet for hours, Shih Tzu want nothing in life other than to love and be loved by a favorite person.

  • It takes a will of iron to pull a sled for miles over frozen tundra, so Siberian Huskies can be a bit obstinate. However, they are also smart, fun-loving and always ready for a game.

  • The Silky is truly a terrier; thus, they can be scamps, scattering laundry about the house, staring down the pet guinea pig in its cage, barking a welcome or warning to all who walk down the street. Yet, they can be charming, fun and great companions.