Educational Articles


  • On the hunt, Treeing Walkers are alert, intense, and loud, sounding off with their big coonhound bawl. But don’t let that fool you; at home they are calm, affectionate, and great lovers of pillows and blankets.

  • The Vizsla is a Hungarian pointer, utilized by the Magyar nomadic tribe along with their falcons, to hunt birds and track game. They need a lot of vigorous activity, but as long as they get it, they are gentle enough to lie quietly by Grandpa's feet as he snoozes.

  • The streamlined, steel-gray Weimaraner (Weim) was bred to sustain long hours of hunting birds and even large animals. A great companion for runners or agility enthusiasts, the Weim is ready for any physical activity.

  • The Welsh Springer is a hunter at heart, and thrives on days spent in the field. But he's equally at home playing with the kids or snoozing by the fire. He's an easygoing, affectionate fellow that is more of a one-family dog than are most spaniels, steady with his family but aloof, even a bit shy, around strangers.

  • These sociable, merry dogs are curious, spunky and – like most terriers – utterly fearless. Owners with a good sense of humor - and, perhaps, earplugs - are in the best position to appreciate the virtues of this talkative canine clown.

  • Like most terriers, Westies love to chase things and could get scrappy with other dogs, but the West Highland White Terrier is among the more trusting and gregarious of the Scottish terriers.

  • Most Whippets are quiet, gentle, and well-behaved inside the house, and love to join their people on the couch (and to keep the couch warm when their people aren't sitting on it!). They're friendly to visitors – no watchdog here – and aren't afraid to show how much they adore their owners.

  • Like us, cats are mammals that are covered with hair. But there are definite differences in the hair that covers our bodies. While we may have whiskers on our faces, they are nothing in comparison to kitty whiskers!

  • Most of the time cats are a source of amusement, but sometimes they can be a source of embarrassment. One of the more embarrassing things that cats do is to lick their “private” parts in public.

  • There's an old adage that a dog’s cool, moist nose is a sign of good health. But is that true? And exactly why is that canine nose wet in the first place?