English Springer Spaniel

"The Happy Hunter"

Photo of English Springer Spaniel


English Springer Spaniels got their name because originally they were used to “spring” toward the game, causing it to leave cover. They appear in art as early as the 1600s. In the early days, many types and sizes of spaniels could be found even within the same litter. Today, all these types are divided into separate breeds, and the English Springer Spaniel makes history on his own.


Most Springers are happy, outgoing dogs with a love of family and fun. They're playful and enjoy playing the clown. Yet they can be quite regal when standing alert. Springers maintain a fierce loyalty to their owner, moving quickly to be at your side the moment you enter the room. This makes them joyful and constant companions, but a few individuals may have shy or aggressive tendencies, especially toward others. Check out relatives, especially the dam, before making a purchase.


Springers sport a medium-length coat, with fringe on ears, underline and back of legs. The Springer's coat is a flashy black-and-white or liver-and-white. Tris and roans also appear in litters. The white may have ticking (small spots of color). His tail is docked in the western hemisphere and certain other parts of the world. The English Springer is a bit longer of leg than the other flushing spaniels.


Field lines are very birdy and work with enthusiasm, needing only direction to begin bringing home the bacon…er, birds. Because Springers are fun to train and enjoy activity, especially when with their person – and they look so beautiful doing it – owners can find outlets in agility, tracking, obedience or several other events.

Grooming & Care

Ears must be cleaned frequently to avoid infections . Field lines can be brushed easily, keeping burrs and debris out of the coat. Show lines have a thicker coat. To keep their glamorous look, brushing should be done more frequently – at least once a week. Some trimming can be done to fly-away and stray hairs. Ask a breeder or groomer for expert advice.

Health Concerns

Hips and eyes should be certified on parents. Some lines carry epilepsy, heart problems and bleeding disorders.

Famous English Springer Spaniel

Five Best in Show Westminster winners, including James, the Top Dog at the 2007 Westminster show.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level Active
Schedule Part-time or willing to hire a dog walker
Personal Style Confident, Outdoorsy,
Training Style Consistent, Creative and fun
Home Fenced yard or access to one
Children Gentle and respectful kids
Experience Not necessary
Quick Facts
Size Medium
Grooming Brush a few times a week
Exercise High - needs to walk every day, plus some running and play
Training Eager to please
Temperment Loyal, Friendly, Enthusiastic
Challenges Field lines are more intense. Some lines can be skittish and aggressive with other dogs. Barking may be an issue if left alone.
Height 18 to 21 inches
Weight 35 to 50 pounds
Life 11 to 13 years
Home Alone Fine with lots of exercise first
With Kids Fine with older kids
With Strangers Friendly
Availability Highly available - check breeders and consider breed-rescues

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