Field Spaniel

"The Brunette Spaniel"

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Two styles of spaniels were often found within the same litter. The progenitor of the Field Spaniel was the larger type, with the smaller evolving into the Cocker. Despite near extinction during the World Wars, the Field Spaniel had dedicated fanciers who kept the breed going. Today, the breed remains birdy, willing to dive into water or thick brush to retrieve.


Most are friendly with other dogs and tolerant of cats, but pet rodents or birds could become endangered species. Many are waggy, happy socialites, although some can be aloof with strangers, and can bark a warning at a door. They're busy and inquisitive, at your beck and call at an instant. With sufficient exercise, a Field Spaniel will happily snooze on your feet while you watch television or play solitaire. But with a Field Spaniel as an ever-willing playmate, why would you want to?


The Field Spaniel has a medium-length, silky coat in shades of solid black or liver, occasionally with roaning or tan markings. His coat is not as abundant as his Cocker cousin's. The tail is docked in the Americas and certain other countries. Ears are long, well feathered, and hanging.


Field Spaniels are willing to meet any challenge. The phrase “A busy dog is a happy dog” is true for Field Spaniels – and their owners. Whether your interest lies in hunting, agility, rally, obedience, hiking, or wearing out your kids, the Field Spaniel will fit the bill. Yet they aren't overly demanding and are calm in the house. Training should be performed in a positive manner with a quick pace to keep the dog's attention and focus. “Will work for food” could be his motto. Harsh methods will never work.

Grooming & Care

Brush often to minimize the almost constant shedding. For a classic look, trim head, ears, and tail and neaten stray hairs. Basic nail-trimming and ear-cleaning finish the task. Not for fussy housekeepers, these dogs will run in, head for the water bowl, wash the floor with dripping ears, and towel off on you while covering you with kisses.

Health Concerns

Hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye problems do occur in the breed. Anyone searching for a pup should search for lines with a low incidence of disease.

Famous Field Spaniel

Ch. Tedwyns Trex was both a conformation and European Flyball Champion.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level Active
Schedule Full-time (but no overtime)
Personal Style Easygoing and casual,
Training Style Creative and fun
Home Fenced yard or access to one
Children Any age is fine
Experience Not necessary
Quick Facts
Size Medium
Grooming Brush a few times a week
Exercise High - needs to walk every day, plus some running and play
Training Learns well but bores easily
Temperment Gentle, Goofy and playful, Sweet
Challenges Needs to hunt things.
Height 16 to 18 inches
Weight 35 to 50 pounds
Life 12 to 14 years
Home Alone Fine with lots of exercise first
With Kids Excellent
With Strangers Cautious at first but okay with them if you are
Availability Rare and may have a waiting list

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