German Shorthaired Pointer

"The Versatile Hunter"

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Bird dogs have been used all over the world, and Germany developed several breeds. The Shorthair is a cross between a variety of German hunting hounds and the Pointer; she has a superb nose and is mostly used for upland bird hunting, although she'll willingly jump into water to retrieve if need be. Originally bred to be an all-terrain hunter, she will point, flush and retrieve on land and water. Fast, enthusiastic workers, these dogs have the stamina to go for a long run or try anything the owner is willing to tackle.


Most are social and outgoing, happy to meet new folks and other dogs. Some stress, especially if bored or confined for too long a period. A bored Shorthair is not easy to live with – it's much simpler to avoid the consequences by giving her the attention she deserves! Yet the busy hunter, ball player or agility addict will end the day by coming home to lie peacefully by the fire with the kids piled on top of her. As with most breeds, some may be submissive or dominant, so pick with care. Shorthairs are fairly easy to find – there's no need to choose one whose mother can't be approached!


Liver, liver and white ticked, may have spots or roan (a fairly even mixture of color and white). Shorthairs, as the name suggests, have a smooth coat; their tail is docked in the Western Hemisphere. Because of their active lifestyle, dewclaws are removed in infancy.


Shorthairs are willing workers, eager to please and to try new activities. Keep the training positive with frequent breaks and you'll have a great companion. Talented at scenting, they're natural hunters and trackers. Occasional command brush ups will ensure that you can run your Shorthair off leash and tire her out.

Grooming & Care

Easy care, although their desire to work and play can sometimes hasten the need for a bath. Otherwise, clean ears and teeth for good health. Nails are tough and don't wear down if not on cement, so trim frequently. Use a hound's glove or rubber curry comb to remove dead hairs. Even though the coat is short, shedding season brings out an abundance of hair. Owners note that dark hairs cling to light clothing and the white hairs stick to dark.

Health Concerns

Look for parents with OFA hips and elbows, as well as clear eyes. von Willebrand's disease and epilepsy appear in some lines.

Famous German Shorthaired Pointer

Ch. Kan-Point’s VJK Autumn Roses, 2005 Best in Show at Westminster.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 32
Schedule 6
Home 9
Children 48
Experience 11
Quick Facts
Grooming 13
Exercise 14
Challenges Trying to keep up! Some individuals can get pent-up and nervy, especially without training and exercise; barking when lonely.
Height 21 to 25 inches
Weight 45 to 70 pounds
Life 13 to 16 years
Home Alone 83
With Kids 86
With Strangers 22
Availability 96

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