"The Ultimate Personal Guardian"

Photo of Rottweiler


Dogs of Rottweiler type, with roots to molosser (mastiff war) dogs, accompanied the Romans on their treks across the mountains and into Europe, serving as camp guardians and helping to drive the cattle. These dogs instinctively bumped and shouldered strays into line. Admired for their handsome good looks, strength and working capabilities, they were used in many ways, including pulling a cart loaded with meat or other wares. No thief dared to rob the farmer or merchant on his way home – the day's profits were tied around the neck of the Rottweiler.


Confident, alert and poised, ready to ward off a threat. It's important to introduce a Rottweiler to a number of people early on – particularly those she'll be seeing frequently such as the veterinarian, the mail or newspaper carrier, and the trash collector (Rottweilers may sense the latter is trying to steal valued items!). Early socialization is vital. The sturdy Rottweiler could be master of the universe if allowed to take charge. Since our world is run by humans rather than canines, it's best to research lines for even-tempered dogs and to become the leader of the pack yourself. Bunches of screeching, tumbling, dashing, darting children sometimes find themselves herded into a tidier group by the self-imposed nanny. Well-bred Rottweilers dote on their family, but might not recognize the innocence of the six-year-old neighbor boy who darts into “their” house. Supervision with children is always suggested especially when it comes to large breeds.


Sleek clear black with rich rust markings; wide skull and strong jaws. In the Western world, the Rottie's tail is almost non-existent having been docked in infancy. The body is stocky and solid, highly muscled. Care must be taken to avoid obesity.


Regular training sessions are a must, right from puppyhood on to senior citizenship. Having a well-trained Rottweiler will be a joy; having an untrained one can lead to headaches and more serious problems for an owner. A Rottie will do anything for someone she looks to as leader. Carting is a good activity for a Rottweiler. She'll help take trash out to the curb or pull the neighborhood kids in a wagon. A Rottweiler who is kept busy with play and tasks to challenge her mind and body is a content pet with a happy owner.

Grooming & Care

An easy wipe-down and the usual nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning.

Health Concerns

As with all large animals and many small, hip dysplasia can occur, along with other joint disease. Avoid lines with eye disease. Bloat can be a problem, as can heart disorders.

Famous Rottweiler

Carl in the "Good Dog Carl" series; several unnamed in Stephen King films.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 3
Schedule 5
Home 9
Children 48
Experience 51
Quick Facts
Grooming 13
Exercise 61
Challenges Rottweilers can be strong-willed as well as strong-bodied. OK with other pets if introduced early, but proceed with caution.
Height 22 to 27 inches
Weight 80 to 135 pounds
Life 8 to 9 years
Home Alone 20
With Kids 87
With Strangers 113
Availability 23

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