"Hungarian Hunter"

Photo of Vizsla


Bred from the Transylvania Hound and other hunting breeds, including various pointers, the Vizsla was developed to be an eager hunter. Today he's still that skilled companion for the hunt, able to seek out birds and small game. The two World Wars brought the breed to the brink of extinction, but savvy breeders were able to save them by sending them to other parts of the world, where they drew fans.


Always ready to go, a Vizsla will be too much dog for an apartment or for a sedentary owner. If he doesn't receive the attention and outings he needs, he'll make sure you know by bouncing off the walls or breaking through a screen door to play with the dog across the street. If other family members provide the necessary blood-pumping exercise, however, a Vizsla is gentle enough to lie quietly by Grandpa's feet as he snoozes. Lightning fast agility competitors, swift in the field, the Vizsla is fun to be with and exciting to watch. This breed retains its stamina well into old age.


The beautiful rusty gold coat typifies the breed. Its tail is docked in the Western Hemisphere, although his tail is longer (about six inches) than many other docked breeds. Ears are natural but should not be too long, giving a hound-like appearance. A Wirehaired version exists, although it is more common in its homeland.


Patient, but firm and consistent sessions earn the Vizsla's respect and attention. The breed is sensitive and does not respond well to harshness. Positive motivation and an abundance of praise work well. Occasional brush-up training sessions help keep a Vizsla under voice control and make it easier to run him off leash.

Grooming & Care

As easy as anyone could ask – although the time saved brushing will be spent vacuuming during his twice yearly shed. Use a bristle brush to remove the hair before it hits the floor.

Health Concerns

Hips and eyes, as well as sebaceous adenitis (a hair follicle disease) and epilepsy.

Famous Vizsla

Former White House Press Secretary and cohost of "The Five," Dana Perino, has owned Vizslas.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 32
Schedule 33
Home 9
Children 48
Experience 51
Quick Facts
Grooming 13
Exercise 14
Challenges Keeping up with the dog!
Height 21 to 24 inches
Weight 40 to 60 pounds
Life 11 to 14 years
Home Alone 83
With Kids 88
With Strangers 92
Availability 95

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