"The Healer"

Photo of Xoloitzcuintli


Xolos come from Mexico and are one of the most ancient dog breeds, with archaeological evidence to show they came across the Bering Strait with our forebears. Ancient statues from the tombs of the Toltec, Aztec, Mayan, Zapoteca and Colima peoples look remarkably similar to today’s Xolos. In these cultures, these dogs were believed to ward off and cure several ailments, including arthritis, and their reputation as healers is still going strong in Mexico. Without insulation, these hairless and nearly-hairless dogs feel warm to the touch and are considered by some to be nature’s hot water bottle.


Adult Xolos are calm, but puppies can be rambunctious until they’re about two years old. They are active playful at any age, with moderate exercise needs. They bond very strongly with their owners and will be affectionate with children as long as the kids are taught to be gentle. Xolos don’t bark much, so you might want to see what’s up when they do.


There are three sizes – toy, miniature, and standard, and two types – hairless and coated. The hairless type sometimes has short hair on top of the head and feet, and they may be wrinkly as pups but smoother when fully grown, although their brows may wrinkle when they’re being attentive. The coated variety has short, smooth hair. They are usually black, gray-black, slate, red, liver or bronze, and some have white spots. They have erect ears, a long regal neck, and a long, curved tail.


Xolos are intelligent and easy to train, and learn housetraining faster than most breeds. They respond best to gentle methods and play-like training rather than strict or harsh methods. As long as you have their respect and admiration, they like to learn.

Grooming & Care

They’re fairly low maintenance as dogs go, but they sweat, so they do need the odd bath, followed by applying a gentle lotion. Don’t over-bathe as it can strip the skin of natural oils and cause skin infections. Best suited to warm climates, they will need a sweater in cooler temperatures. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Health Concerns

This is a generally healthy dog breed. Without the protection of a coat, Xolos can be prone to skin issues, such as sunburn, acne, and sensitivity to lawn chemicals.

Famous Xoloitzcuintli

Giorgio Armani, Xolo recognized as Best of Breed at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Ideal Owner
Activity Level 3
Schedule 6
Home 44
Children 49
Experience 52
Quick Facts
Grooming 58
Exercise 61
Challenges These guys are climbers, so don’t leave them outside without supervision, even if you have a fence!
Height Standard: 18 to 24 inches; Miniature: 14 to 18 inches; Toy: less than 14 inches
Weight 10 to 50 pounds
Life 15 to 20 years
Home Alone 83
With Kids 21
With Strangers 92
Availability 95

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